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Freshmen Doubles

As much as a track team relies upon leadership from upperclassmen, there's always a bonus when freshmen contribute. As of this writing, not only do five freshmen currently lead their class in two categories, but they also have contributed significantly to their respective team's early-season success.

Let's look at them in alphabetical order.

1. Bailey Goggans of Marble Falls. All Bailey did this past weekend at the Dripping Springs Tiger Relays was post a Texas #1 / US #2 800 - 2:11.62. And she added a 56.14 400 - TX #5 / US #14. [Picture by TXMileSplit]

2. Robert Griffin of CyRidge is a future sprint star. The freshman whose name reminds us of Texas speed and grace (and a Heisman!) leads all freshmen in Texas in both the 100 (10.99) and 200 (22.28), times in the Texas Top 50 regardless of class.

3. Chrystal Herpin of Pearland Dawson is adding to a great legacy of throwers in the southern part of the state. She currently leads all freshmen in both shot and disc - 131-01 and 41-11.

4. Morgan Taylor - another Summer Creek freshman making a huge name for herself in the early season. Her 100-hurdle time of 15.41 ranks 29th in Texas and 77th in the US, however her 300 time of 43.69 ranks #1 in Texas and #4 in the US. [picture from Summer Creek Twitter]

5. Jacob Tracy - the Lake Travis thrower leads the freshmen class in both shot and discus - 44-09.50 / 132-09.

The early season has proven that freshmen are fully capable of making an impact at high level. These five - and many more - are the immediate future of Texas track & field. Enjoy them while they last; soon enough, they'll be entertaining us as collegians.

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