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In this series, we explore seminal moments in Texas Track & Field history, moments that have left an indelible impression upon, and influenced, our sport.


Enjoy BackTrack, as we return to these special moments.

BackTrack is a copyrighted series by the Texas Track & Field Coaches Association - 2015.  

Episode #1: Texas' First Female of Pole Vault

Rachel Ingle (Lorraine), The Greenhill School, Class of 2000, wins the first-ever pole vault gold medal in the state of Texas.  Both TAPPS and the UIL would introduce girl's pole vault as a scored event in 2002. 

     Episode #2: The Shot Heard Round the World

On June 16, 1979, Michael Carter made history with his Shot Heard 'Round the World - an epic launch that landed 81-03.50 away from the ring.  Forty years later, few have come close.  Interviews and original footage.

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