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The Texas Track & Field Coaches Association is proud to announce its partnership with the Damani Gibson Foundation in helping to provide portable AEDs to high school Cross Country / Track & Field programs in need of a potential life-saving device. 

Why portable AEDs?

"Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the number one cause of out-of-hospital death in the United States.  

     ​"Most victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be saved if an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is attached to their chest within 3 minutes.  With each minute that passes without an AED, the chances of survival drop by 10%.  AED availability is critical, because Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes unexpectedly, and it can’t wait 10 minutes for an ambulance." - from the website

     While less than 6% of sudden cardiac arrest victims survive, an available AED increases chances of survival dramatically.

     "Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the most frequent medical cause of sudden death in athletes, and estimates vary widely based on the population. A recent estimate of SCD incidence ranged from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 80,000 athletes per year." - from the Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal, April-June, 2016

    SCA is the #1 killer of Student Athletes. According to the CARES registry, survival increases to 49% if CPR is started immediately and AED shock is administered prior to EMS arrival.  

Testimonial: Luke Slavens, University of Iowa

Testimonial: Coach Bob Zaranek, Grosse Point, MI 

How can your Cross Country / Track & Field program submit an application to receive a portable AED?

The Application Form is available in both MS Word and PDF formats. Either mail the form to:

TTFCA / 1012 West Foxwood Lane / Wylie, TX 75098

or send digitally to TTFCA-member schools will be given priority as well as those on the Damani Gibson Foundation mailing list. To become a TTFCA member, click here. To join the Damani Gibson Foundation mailing list, click on the name.

Application Form MS Word / PDF

What's the process for selecting which school receives a portable AED?

TTFCA Member schools and schools on the Damani Gibson Foundation mailing list are called upon to fill out an application. Applications will be reviewed by a TTFCA board member and a Damani Gibson Foundation board member. Our goal is to match every school desiring one with an AED. 

When are the portable AEDs distributed?

Portable AEDs will be distributed multiple times per year: at our January 2-day Winter Clinic, at our post-season Meet of Champions and whenever we have the ability to distribute another AED. 

Will the portable AED be new or refurbished

The portable AEDs will be brand new, each with an eight-year warranty. 

***When your school receives a portable AED, your coaching staff and your athletes will receive training from the Damani Gibson Foundation and the TTFCA on how to use the portable AED and on how to properly care for its long-term health and functionality.

May I contribute toward raising money for the next portable AED?

Both the Damani Gibson Foundation and the TTFCA are non-profit organizations, so your donation is 100% tax deductible. All donations, regardless of size, are greatly appreciated. They simply help us get closer to the purchase and distribution of the next life-saving device.

Schools who have received a portable AED

1. Aldine

2. Lancaster

HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350 AED
damani gibson.png
Watch the story of Kemoy Campbell: an AED saved his life at the 2019 Millrose Games
Please put TTFCA in the memo, "Write a Note" section
Please put TTFCA in the memo, "Write a Note" section
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