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Established in 2021 by the TTFCA and the Expo Explosion Board, the Ring of Honor pays homage to those Coaches, Athletes and Contributors who have fueled the growth of the Expo Explosion to the second-largest Pole Vault-only competition in the United States. 

2021 Inaugural Inductees: 
Keith Martin
Anicka Newell
Scott Shadrick



The TTFCA is a proud sponsor of
Talk'n Throws - Texas Style. Coach Jayson K. Hayes and Coach Janale Hayes will be talking on the fun, fundamentals and history of throwing the shot put, discus, hammer, and javelin with those connected to Texas.

Listen to the podcasts right here

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The TTFCA is proud to support TEXAS TRACK DAD's Podcast. Find him interviewing many of the top coaches and athletes in Texas Track & Field. And, of course, you'll love the HAIR TRIMMER! 
YouTube Channel

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