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Online Sports Industry Classes for High School Students - 80% Savings through the TTFCA

The Sports Business Institute (SBI) offers the nation’s first program to educate high school athletes on career opportunities in the multi-billion dollar sports business industry with our online program. Under our theme of “Learn From The Pros For A Career In The Pros”, our array of “Career Pros” will introduce participants to career opportunities in the multi-faceted sports business industry. Our 14 career pros include present and former representatives from ESPN, NFL, MLB, top sports marketing firms, major sports print and radio outlets and former professional athletes and an Olympian who’ve become very successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to promote the ability of high school athletes to take their passion for sports from the playing field to multi-career opportunities in the sports field of business.

SBI will offer TTFCA-member students a reduced fee of $50.00 to participate. This is in excess of an 80% discount off our standard program fee of $295.00.

For every TTFCA member coach who has 20 athletes sign up for our program, SBI will donate $100 back to their respective Track & Field programs.

To contact the Sports Business Institute directly, call 1-800-970-6489.

Check out its website at

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