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Jump Academy's Ychlindria Spears Dolce

"Those who don't jump will never fly."

That's the tag line of the new venture for Texas' most decorated high school athlete.

"Jump Academy aims to be premier in athletic services among aspiring athletes across the nation. As a State Record Holder, National Record Holder, International Champion, collegiate athlete, and Head Track Coach, Ychlindria brings a wealth of unique perspectives to her craft."

We caught up with the Texas Track & Field Hall of Famer and entrepreneur to explore her passion and inspiration for Jump Academy.

  1. Where is Jump Academy located? Indoor / Outdoor?

While my ultimate goal is to open the doors to a permanent indoor facility for Jump Academy, right now it is a mobile training service that operates out of several local tracks throughout the San Antonio area.

2. Who is on your staff?

I am the principal trainer for Jump Academy, but JA is truly a family business. My parents, who trained me growing up, and who have had integral roles in my jumping career and development, will help with future jump camps and training sessions.

On the business side: my husband is my Creative Director; my sister, who is a practicing attorney, is my Public Relations Director; and my Brother-in-Law, also a practicing attorney, is my Chief Financial Officer.

I also partner very closely with a dear friend of mine for the strength & conditioning needs of our athletes. He owns TM Athletic Development, also in San Antonio. He specializes in developing the whole athlete to the greatest extent possible. Like Jump Academy, he works only with small groups to ensure QUALITY. This decision requires a lot of time, investment and INDIVIDUALIZATION--conforming the system to the athlete, not the athlete to the system. He incorporates a lot from the Triphasic Training System developed by Cal Dietz. By separating and isolating the three phases of a dymanic/sports movement(eccentric, isometric, concentric) the athlete develops the ability to not only absorb and reproduce greater force, but do it more efficiently. "Weak links" are strengthened! With the utilization of block undulating periodization, athletes can also hit several peaks throughout the year. He is brilliant with what he does, and has already produced several Division I athletes!

3. Tell us the inspiration for this fantastic endeavor.

Ever since my dad built me my first jump pit in my childhood yard, I instantly felt an unparalleled love for all things jumps. Being a former jumper myself, and now a Head Track Coach, I have seen first-hand the grave need for horizontal jumps training.

Jumping is truly an art, and many jumpers I have seen, have only dipped their paintbrush. They have never truly experienced the feeling of painting a masterpiece. Because of my wealth of experience and knowledge in the horizontal jumps, I hope to continue my passion by sharing what I have learned over the years, by helping young athletes reach their full potential in the Long and Triple jumps.

4. Are you still coaching at SA MacArthur?

Yes, I am still coaching at MacArthur and am looking forward to another great season! Jump Academy will operate during the season; however, I expect the summer to be our busiest time of the year.

5. What makes Jump Academy unique so that athletes will want to not only train with you, but also refer their friends?

There are a lot of great horizontal jumps coaches across the state of Texas, but when athletes comes to Jump Academy, they will get more than just coaching. I believe it is the whole experience ... athletes and parents will find a coach who is technically sound, patient, caring, and really gets to know each individual jumper to find optimal techniques to pull the best results out of him/her. I am going to meet each and every athlete, exactly where he/she is and make him/her a better jumper.

Additionally, the total package that we are able to offer, both on the jumping skills/mechanics side, as well as the strength & conditioning aspect, I believe is unmatched by any other program.

6. Have you received any advice from fellow TTFCA Hall of Famer and Olympian Charles Austin, who runs a facility in the area?

I have not yet, but trust me, it is definitely one of my dreams to have him mentor me and show me the ropes!

7. What are your ultimate goals with Jump Academy?

Ultimately, I want Jump Academy to be the premier training location for horizontal jumpers. I envision athletes traveling from all across the state of Texas, and even the country to come train with us.

8. How many athletes are you training, and at what skill levels?

Since JA’s launch a few weeks ago, we have already added a handful of athletes on our roster, from all over the city of San Antonio, and at all different levels of the jump spectrum. In addition, I have already received numerous inquiries from interested parties, so I look forward to unveiling some of our athletes, in the near future, as our roster grows.

What is great about JA training is that I have developmental sessions aimed at more novice jumpers, as well as elite training groups, which target athletes who are more experienced and who I have identified as being on track to having a strong chance of jumping at the next level.

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