Inductees - Name, Category, Year

Amy Acuff, Athlete, 2015

Frank Anderson, Coach, 2016

Vince Anderson, Coach, 2021

"Rooster" Andrews, Official, 2017

Charles Austin, Athlete, 2017

Thane Baker, Athlete-Official, 2011

Ted Banks, Coach, 2018

Bob Beamon, Athlete, 2021

James Blackwood, Coach, 2021

Chester Bradley, Official, 2014 d

Bennie Brazell, Athlete-Coach, 2020

Rose Brimmer, Coach, 2018

Emmett Brunson, Coach, 2016

Leroy Burrell, Athlete, 2014

Michael Carter, Athlete, 2011

Michelle Carter, Athlete, 2018

Dave Clark, Athlete, 2015

Kermit Courville, Coach, 2021

Barbara Crousen, Coach, 2017

Ryan Crouser, Athlete, 2021

Shirley Crowe, Official, 2011

Walter 'Buddy' Davis, Athlete, 2016

Joe De Loach, Athlete, 2019

DeLoss Dodds, Contributor, 2018

Jon Drummond, Athlete, 2014

J. Fred Duckett, Announcer, 2010 *

Carl Erickson, Coach-Contributor, 2020

Frank Fallon, Announcer, 2017

Hollis Gainey, Athlete, 2021

Sid Garton, Athlete, 2020

Max Goldsmith, Coach, 2010 *

Boston Grant, Coach, 2018

Carlette Guidry, Athlete, 2014

Fred Hansen, Athlete, 2016

Trey Hardee, Athlete, 2018

Clyde Hart, Coach, 2012

Bob Hayes, Athlete, 2017

Jim Hines, Athlete, 2016

Don Hood, Coach, 2013

Darrow Hooper, Athlete, 2016

Beverly D. Humphrey, Coach, 2017

Sue Humphrey, Coach, 2015

Stan Huntsman, Coach, 2017

Barbara Jacket, Coach, 2018

Oliver Jackson, Coach, 2016

Earnest James, Coach, 2012

Rafer Johnson, Athlete, 2016

Johnny 'Lam' Jones, Athlete, 2013

Jolanda Jones, Athlete, 2019

Toya Jones, Athlete, 2020

Dana Le Duc, Athlete, 2019

Carl Lewis, Athlete, 2016

Clyde Littlefield, Athlete-Coach, 2016

Dr. Bert Lyle, Jr., Coach, 2017

Leo Manzano, Athlete, 2020

Roy 'Robot' Martin, Athlete, 2013

Randy Matson, Athlete, 2012

Ted McLaughlin, Coach, 2021

Earle Meadows, Athlete, 2016

Bill Melton, Announcer, 2010 *

L.B. Morris, Coach, 2018

Bobby Morrow, Athlete, 2016

Ted Nelson, Coach, 2010 *

Fred Newhouse, Athlete, 2014

William E. 'Pop' Noah, Coach, 2017

David Noble, Coach, 2017

Gerald 'Corky' Ogleby, Coach, 2019

Billy Olson, Athlete, 2012

Jack Patterson, Coach, 2016

Darvis 'Doc' Patton, Athlete, 2019

Raymond Pierre, Athlete-Official, 2019

Cleburne Price, Jr., Coach, 2017

John Pritchett, Announcer, 2013

Bob Richards, Athlete, 2017

Sanya Richards-Ross, Athlete, 2016

Louise Ritter, Athlete, 2012

James Segrest, Athlete, 2010 *

Herb Sheaner, Coach-Organizer, 2010 *

Dean Smith, Athlete, 2015

Francie Larrieu-Smith, Athlete-Coach, 2017

Eddie Southern, Athlete, 2013

Ychlindria Spears, Athlete, 2013

Larry Story, Contributor, 2020

Monte Stratton, Coach 2020

Tom Tellez, Coach 2011

Charlie Thomas, Coach 2017

Jerry Thompson, Athlete, 2016

Bubba Thornton, Coach, 2015

Raymond Trotter, Official, 2017

June Villers, Coach, 2018

Dewey Wakefield, Coach, 2018

Sammy Walker, Athlete, 2014

Jeremy Wariner, Athlete, 2016

Lloyd Weatherspoon, Coach, 2019

Bill Whitmore, Announcer, 2017

Lee Williams, Coach, 2019

W.A. Wise, Official, 2017

Fred Wolcott, Athlete, 2016

Randy Yarbrough, Official, 2014

Earl Young, Athlete, 2015

Mildred 'Babe' Didrikson Zaharias, Athlete, 2016

Did you know?

  • Walter 'Buddy' Davis is not only a Hall of Famer and Gold Medal high jumper (1952), but he also owns 2 NBA Championship rings as a member of the Philadelphia Warriors (1956) and St. Louis Hawks (1958)?  Read more about Buddy Davis 

  • Amy Acuff is a coder and has developed an app called Winning Edge designed with "empathy for athletes and coaches seeking improvements in their performances"?  Check out her site.  

  • Inaugural Hall of Famer Herb Sheaner has self-published a book based on his WWII experiences?  It's called Prisoner's Odyssey, "A story of survival, hunger and reflection from a teenaged prisoner of war inside Germany near the end of WWII. From capture at the Battle of The Bulge to the final escape from his German guards, the author allows us a glimpse into the despair and agony of being a prisoner in a foreign land."  Check out the book here.

  • Singer / musician Morrissey's debut novel, List of the Lost (2015), features a picture of gold medalist and Hall of Famer Earl Young in his ACU uniform?  Here's an article with a picture of the cover and the actual picture.  

  • The first track & field athlete depicted on the cover of Track & Field News is Sammy Walker?  From 1976-79, Sammy was ranked in the Top 10 in the world in both shot put and weightlifting.  Read a 2014 Star Local Media interview with Sammy.

  • James Segrest, a TTFCA inaugural Hall of Famer, singlehandedly won the 1954 state track meet while a student at Bangs High School?  He totaled 34 points while winning 100, 220 and 440 yard-sprints and coming in 4th in the long jump.  Enjoy several pictures of Segrest from his induction page into the Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Carlette Guidry was named the Southwest Conference Athlete of the Decade for the 1980s?  She won 12 NCAA titles while competing for the Texas Longhorns. For more information, here's her Longhorn Legends page.  

  • Bob Richards is the first person pictured on the front of a Wheaties box?

  • Rooster Andrews was Clerk of the Finish Line for 60 years at the Texas Relays.  There is a Plaque at the line commemorating it as the "Rooster Andrews Finish

  • Bob Hayes is the only person to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal and a Super Bowl ring, while Michael Carter is the only person to win an Olympic Medal (Silver) and a Super Bowl ring in the same year.